DEAR DIARY ~ September 8th

Wow! That was gross! Can’t even remember the last time I body-wet when I was small. Totally confused, I drew the rag in front of me closer to mop my salted-water.

“Are you alright?”

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know someone was in front of me. . . My heart made a drum roll. Could it be the stranger that has finally caught up with me? My head bent-down, I sampled the person from toes with my eyes gradually shifting towards up. The leg was familiar, it is definitely a lady in front of me.

I lifted up my head, looking at the wet rag in my hand and the figure right in front of me asking me if I was alright, I made a prolonged hiss.

“You well at all?”

“Maybe I should ask you that.” I replied.

I left her standing and wondering what the problem could be. I changed my towel, stormed the bathroom and had a thorough bath after which I massaged my body with my Gentelle collections. Hmmmm, things Kelechi bought for me. . .

I walked into the living room with a cute pan in my hands containing small chops, making a cool sound as my butts hits the sofa. Sola was sitting and pressing her phone. She didn’t talk to me, neither did I too. I was forming but I just couldn’t bear not talking to Sola for 5 minutes.

“I think I should make the first move,” I said to myself.

“Sola, do you care for small chops?” I asked, stretching out the pan to her.

“No thanks,” she replied.

I could feel the harshness in Sola’s reply. I think I was too tough on her but I never knew Sola had added “feet-dragging” to her long list of bad habits. She scared me to my bone-marrow and I do have a right to my anger. But actually, it’s so obvious she doesn’t know what she has done, why can’t I just stop acting and clear the air.

“Sola, I am very sorry for my behaviour some minutes ago.”

“Apologies accepted,” she said without even taking her eyes off the phone she was pressing.

She then sat up, dropped her phone, cleared her throat and started talking; I could feel the emotions in her voice.

“But Kayin, what was the reason for the attitude na? I think I should get a gratitude instead of that f**king attitude you just dished out to me some minutes ago.”

I was lost. What was she talking about? Gratitude? For what? I didn’t even know I had said it out!

“Ok! You seem to have forgotten all that had taken place. Well I think I deserved gratitude for cleaning up a big girl like you and at least making you less messier from your hang-over aftermath.”

She continued;

“It didn’t even get to stop at that, I washed your messed-up clothes, clean the sitting room which you tattoed with vomits. . . Don’t just provoke me o abeg!”

Hmmmm. . . I know how Sola can be when she is angry. I quickly make amends. . . You really don’t wanna know how I make amends when I offend Sola. I didn’t even bother to ask why she left the door half-closed with me like that in the living room; I didn’t even tell her how scared she made me with her entrance ‘cos obviously, she’s gonna ask about what I was mopping and me not being a good liar will open up and Sola is good with memories.

I’ll rather let sleeping dogs lie.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Hey boo, Tola is back, we just strolled out. You were sleeping and we don’t wanna disturb you. In case you are hungry, don’t cook anything, hold on cos we’ll get something for you when coming.
Brb. ~ Sola.”

Reading the note Sola pinned on the wall for me made me remember how much I really wanted to be alone and have some reminisces. So many things had fallen out of the place recently in my life.

Things had gotten nastier than I could fathom over the weekends. I can’t even forget how I had taken alcohol for the first time at Tola’s Igelicious boo’s birthday bash.

I drank four ‘penciled-cups’ of baron mixed with Guiness. Such influence Sola can have on you gramatically. She has almost a personal synonym for every dictionary word.

I laughed my ass out the day I first heard her say the word ‘penciled-cups’. . . I was too dumb to understand until she brought out a wine glass-cup.

I stood up from my bed to stroll out for fresh air when I started hearing laughter in the living room. I knew that voice. I thought they went out.

“Babe, you don wake ni?” Sola asked.

“No o, I dey sleep” I replied her. I knew outrightly what Tola was going to say.

“Oloti of the century, hope you are ok now? Sola has gist me proper”

“Na u sabi o!”. . . I thought you guys went out?

“Yes na, I don leave the note for you like an hour ago.” Sola said.

She handed me a disposable plate, I opened it and I liked what I saw. I started devouring the chicken first; I love chickens.

We heard a knock!

“I’ll go and see who is there,” says Sola.

They were policemen ably led by Kelechi.

“Officer, this is the shameless slut, just take her away!”

That was Kelechi talking and I knew instantly what the truth and dare game could table! I listen to the police man tell me

“Miss Kayinsola Davies, you are under arrest, you are advised to keep silent or whatever you say shall be used against you.”

I stretched forth my hand for the handcuffs!

“Ah ah! Babe, you dey fall my hand o, you just stretched hand like that. . . Officer, arrest for what crime na?” Sola said!

She wouldn’t let them take me away until she knows what is happening; with Kelechi with them, things were really complicated for her. . .

Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi
ff on twitter @Ebukungbemisol1

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