Sexcapades’ of Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph Revealed!

No doubt, Anita Joseph has done well for herself in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. The beautiful actress, who has now jumpedinto music, sure has some secrets she is religiously guarding for public consumption.

Years back, Anita, people in the know said, was a prominent face in some hot nightclubs in Ikeja metropolis. Not only that, she was also said to have had something very intimate to do with most of the club owners in Lagos, she was very close to the former Do-It-All boss, Mac Dee and the Island based mobile nightclub runner, Frank Okamigbo. This is actually not the story.

The story, according to whispers in town, they said Anita was at Four Point Hotel sometime ago with a male friend. On their way out of the hospitality haven located in the serene environment of Oniru area of Victoria Island, Lagos they met a man, Benny, an Island big boy from Igbo extraction.

Let’s flash back a bit, Anita and this Benny, we gathered, were once acquitted to each other. Benny jetted out of the country; his return back to town was in a big way, made some solid cash and started painting Island red. When he met Benny with her company, they both acted like strangers, best way to play safe, you would say.

Her male company, incidentally, is a friend to Benny, they exchanged pleasantries in a discomfiture manner, Anita and her company left. Before one could say pronto, Benny and Anita hooked up, same spot, same day, how that happened wasn’t too explained but they both, thereafter, became an item.

Hmmmmmm; what happens next?


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