Limpopo Master, Kcee, has a Crush on Rihanna

KCee’s “Limpopo” has been nominated as one of the Most Gifted Dance Video in the 10th Channel O Africa Music Video Awards which comes up on Saturday Nov. 30, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here are some fun facts about KCee that you will love to know…

First Gig on Stage:Star Quest

Ritual before going on stage:Praying

Most Embarrassing Moment on stage:My mic stopped working

Shoe Size:43/44

Height:5ft 9in



Favorite Color/Number:White/1

Role Model:Nelson Mandela

If not Music, what other profession:Football

Favorite Show Performance of all
Time:Music Fest Palma Mallorca

Favorite Musician of All time:Michael Jackson

#TeamBiggy or #TeamTupac:Tupac

Number of music features or collaborations:11

First studio ever recorded in:Dolphin Studios

Music industry crush:Rihanna


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