Crazy Fans fight over Rapper Olamide’s jacket

Last weekend’s Guinness colorful world of more was a blast , having our own Alisters there and mind blowing performance but another thing that caught our mind was the Baddest Guy Ever liveth star…OLAMIDE

When he came on stage for his own performance and also support his friend and other rapper Phyno, the crowd’s cheer were. deafening, his performance was the Bomb, as he has always associated himself to the STREETS.

Then the young man removed his black jacket saying it didn’t represent the streets and it didn’t represent the real olamide and he quickly threw it to the crowd, only for the his fans too grab at it.

Then four young men grabbed at it, the guys pulled and tossed the jacket amongst themselves for several minutes with none of them wanting to let go, then after a couple of minutes, two of the guys knew the struggle might generate into something messy so they let go,the third guy followed suit, and the last guy who was the first person to grab the jacket, heaved a sigh of relief and triumph when the jacket finally became his.


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