Wendy Williams Attacks Usher’s Ex-Wife, Tameka Raymond

Tameka paid her ex a compliment and Wendy read too much meaning into it.

So here’s what happened. Usher is on the cover of the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine, and a few days ago his ex-wife Tameka tweeted a picture from the spread with the caption ‘…well dizzzzam Usher!’ and made sure to @ him so he would see the message. Wendy felt the tweet was inappropriate and took Tameka to task on her show.

On her Hot Topics segment Wendy explained,

“Here’s the thing Tameka. Which way is it gonna be? Are we hiring a lawyer and going after him to fight for our kids? Or do we wanna jump back in bed with him? See that’s why they said you need an evaluation. I’m just saying. You don’t play. Mothers know. Women know. You don’t play when it comes to your kids. You’re not going to talk about him looking scrump. What you need to be doing is you need to be hunting down a team of lawyers, at least two, and a private eye.
Tameka, just focus on what’s important.

”Tameka fired back at Wendy on twitter.

See tweets below;

Is her tweet to ex-husband not proper?


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