Stephanie Linus becomes face of Diva Sanitary Pad

The quest for sustainable pads, other than the use of rags, tissue papers, newspapers and the likes by women, to manage their monthly menstrual flow has received a major boost, following a revolutionary development of a new range of sanitary pads known as DIVA.

Diva Sanitary pads is the new biggie in town and they have just unveiled Nollywood actress Stephanie Linus as the celebrity face of their product.
Stephanie who was paid an amount ranging into millions says…..

“Yes I am an actor but that doesn’t mean I don’t do stuff that every woman does. I hang out with my friends and family, go watch movies and party. And I don’t let anything stop me from doing that. Divas brand vision in Africa is very straightforward, they want to enable all girls and women of today to lead a quality life and take pride in being a woman just like me. That is why I am so excited about this campaign!

Through this campaign I wish to convey to every girl out there that she should not be worried when she has her period but instead move about confidently like a DIVA! “


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