Nigeria Music and Lewd Lyrics

indexRecently Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi of Beat FM went on Twitter to announce that Phyno’s Man of The Year and Wizkid’s The Matter has been banned on Nigeria air-wave by NBC. She urges Nigeria Artistes to always produce a radio edit of their songs if they want it played. Three things can be deduced from the above report, firstly majority of the music coming out of Nigeria these days contain lewd lyrics. Secondly NBC is either moving at slow pace or they don’t know their job. Thirdly the artistes themselves don’t care about air play again.
Every day, songs are churned out in Nigeria in their hundreds and virtually all these songs find their way to the internet for download. For the already established artistes, their songs get uploaded for free whereas upcoming artiste can get their song uploaded for a token fee of between N5000 to N15,000 depending on the web/blog site pedigree and traffic. Funny enough, the owners of these site do not consider the content of the songs uploaded rather they are more concern with staying prominent and attracting more traffic. Nigerian youth the major consumers of this songs now have access to the net and can download any song that appeals to them for free from the numerous music site online, thereby dropping the radio where these songs are banned at a snail pace for the elderly making to grumble, reminisce their time and complain about today’s youth and choice of music.THE PROBLEM
Recently Femi Kuti revealed in an Interview that when Wizkid contacted him to feature on his [Wizkid] song Jaiye-Jaiye he listened to the lyrics of the song before accepting to feature on it. Why would he do that? Well his decision may not be unconnected with the recent trend in the Nigeria music scene. Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Phyno, P-Square, Timaya, D’banj, Iyanya, Kcee, LKT, Reminisce, Sean Tizzle, Solidstar, Terry G etc all have something in common, they have all released hit track that have dominated the airwaves both radio, television and the internet and these tracks contain strong adult content with theme of nudity, sex, materialism and violence. Gone are the days when these songs contain lyrics about Nation building, social issues, self belief, hard work, service to the country, love etc. The era of Fela, and recently Tuface’s “Africa Queen” and P-Square’s “Ifunaya” have give way to Iyanya’s “Your Waist” and Reminisce’s “Kako BI Chicken”. This article cannot begin to list the numbers of songs with lewd lyrics there is and have been in the Nigeria music scene.

Our music in Nigeria can now be categorized in the same rank with Ghanaian movie. The Question is why this great increase in thirst for lewdness in our lyrics? Becoming an instant hit and an A-list artiste in Nigeria, the Artiste must have a hardworking managerial team and a party banger track to go with it. And how does one produce a party banger without inputting little lewd lyrics? Without these, the artiste can forget about fame and fortune. The market for the Nigeria Music has changed, in the sense that songs without explicit content hardly make wave in Nigeria. An upcoming musician that sticks to a non-lewd lyrics should not be surprise when his song refuse to his a thousand download and his video may not be aired unless back with money. The Nigerian Artiste have studied the market and realized that the music that gets airplay or get played in the club and at parties are music that are fully of graphical description of the opposite sex. Psychologists have come to blame the love for this type of music on the anger Nigerian Youth are feeling towards the government and the only way to let off steam is to listen to fast paced music laced with lewd lyrics that takes their mind from the hardship in the country.

The Nigeria Censors board should gear up in the performance of their duties, they should find a way to start rating song so that it will stop getting into the wrong age bracket and this can be done by securing the cooperation of popular music and video download site. The recent banning of Wizkid and Phyno’s song did nothing rather than to give it publicity for more downloads online. The world has become a global village and with a click of the button, songs are downloaded every second and the artistes’ recognizes this and are unrepentant about the content of their songs rather it gets more explicit and raw by the minutes. Also when NBC banned P-Square’s Alingo video, it did not stop it from being played on Soundcity, Channel O, MTV Base and Trace that are all on DSTV. The ban also boosted the numbers of download it. The NBC have to seek for a way to work and meet with the music stakeholders on how to really contain this eyesore before it blinds the eye completely.


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