Kayode Odumosu, Popularly known as Pa. Kasuma battles Liver and Heart Diseases!

Kayode Odumosu a.k.a Pa. Kasumu has been reported to be suffering from serious heart and liver diseases and also, this is serious than we think it is.

The veteran actor was said to have been critically ill in 2011, diagnosed of these same diseases. He was reported in 2011 having a big hole in his pocket.

In an interview he granted then, he revealed the actual cause of his problem.

Below is an excerpt from his 2011 Interview:

“I was a chain smoker before I stopped in 1977; they still saw the traces in my system. I used to drink but I wasn’t a drunkard. I have stopped it though, but they still saw the traces in my system.

These vices were far back in the 70s, but they saw them in the tests.

My advice to those drinking and smoking is that they should stop; they shouldn’t think nothing can happen to them, it is dangerous.

I have stopped those habits, I don’t even drink soft drinks, I take only water. If I had known, I would have started with water”.

Well meaning Nigerians, no amount is too small, please let’s support this great actor financially.”

We presumed he got well then but just some minutes ago, we discovered that Pa. Kasumu is having these issues again and it is possibly worse than we can imagine.

He is presently struggling to stay alive at LUTH as he battles heart and liver diseases; “secondary prevention of repeat stroke,” after a previous stroke. The 60-year old actor says, “I have spent so much on these diseases. When it was first diagnosed, the doctors said the ailment was severe, that they would need to control its progression for it not to affect my kidneys. This they did, and

I was happy they succeeded, but now, other serious ailments have set in, necessitating this battle of survival. I am not tired yet; I still want to continue to make people laugh, but my failing health is a terrible obstacle.”

He wants Nigerians, corporate organisations and the Government to help him stay alive because he can’t pay for his treatment which will cost N12m.

To donate to the actor, please find his bank details below.

Olukayode Olugbenga Odumosu;
Diamond Bank
Account number: 0036059543.
Telephone numbers: 08033535159 and 08096762254.
His son, Tunde’s num 08174435105.

#pls remember him in your prayers and financially. . . God bless you all#


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